Something I come across way to often are businesses not knowing their target market. Too often do I ask the question, so who are you targeting to buy your product? And I get the response, anyone who’s interested in buying it. Crazy right!

If a business doesn’t know who they are targeting, how the hell are they able to put together a marketing strategy.

Speaking to the right audience is key to brand success.

One of the key things when coming up with a marketing strategy is determining who your target market is and how you can most effectively speak to them. Then you need to discover your unique selling proposition, and differentiate yourself from the rest of the market, because no two businesses are the same.

From there you can come up with strategies to speak to your audience and begin to generate leads. You may have a few different target markets, so put together different strategies to speak to each of those groups of people.

Owning your niche, means your talking to the right audience and telling them what they need to hear in order to build a solid relationship, nurture them into paying clients of your business. I know your probably thinking its way harder than that, but it isn’t. If your owning your niche, it just that simple.


– Sara Long, Brand Builder & Marketer