What exactly is passion? And how can we align it to our everyday work?

In this series, we meet the everyday people living life to the greatest potential by aligning passion to their work.

We meet the people who have been able to turn their passions into a career or a career into their passions. They have been able to find value in something they love and live giving value to others.

Jana has been able to do exactly that. Two years ago she was diagnosed with cancer and she recently lost her own sister-in-law to the same disease. Following a devastating battle and loss, Jana decided to start Fit 2 Fight, a recovery program aimed at helping people from all around the world in their recovery process. Now she takes people on a transformational journey in Thailand who have been affected by the life-altering disease and helps them to ignite the fire of life and live all over again.

Promote This: It’s an honour to speak with you today Jana. Tell us a bit about Fit 2 Fight?
Jana: So Fit 2 Fight is a recovery program for those who have been through cancer and the harsh treatments, or even for those who haven’t left the treatment yet. It’s particularly aimed at those guys who are during their remission or even ten years past their remission. It’s for family members and friends who have lost someone and it helps people through the recovery process because they need something like this. It’s all about learning to be inspired again. We aim to ignite the fire again inside. It’s very motivating.

We travel to Thailand for five days and we go through a mindful program. The idea is to get people out of the country to another place and out of where they went through adversity.

Promote This: How did Fight2Fight start and what was your own journey?

Jana: I had cancer two years ago and during the treatment I came up with the idea that something needed to happen after this that process. The first thing I wanted to do after my treatment was just book a holiday and get out and do my recovery while I was away from home. I basically did that and that’s how it evolved.

While I was in recovery, my sister-in-law Amanda who is basically my sister got diagnosed not long after me. Then she passed away seven months later so we had a fair bit of adversity in the family. I fell into a hole when we lost Amanda. There are people out there like me who have been through similar situations. People need to know about how to get through recovery, and get out of that hole. They needed to be ignited, motivated and inspired again. That’s how it all started.

Promote This: What has your experience of battling cancer taught you about overcoming battles in life?
Jana: The first thing is that I never think I’m invincible anymore. You realise this kind of thing can happen to you and because of that, I’ve definitely grown more as a person. It opens your eyes up to different things. I see things on a different level—on a higher perspective. You start to stop having feelings of guilt or become more connected to your intuition. You start to have this heightened awareness and develop stronger parts of you like empathy.

Throughout the two years of adversity, a lot of good things came out of my life and that’s how I choose to see it. It’s weird because it’s such a negative thing to have happened but so many things have changed. I realised that you just can’t look back and it’s important to know that you’re never a victim.

Promote This: What are you most passionate about with Fit 2 Fight?

Jana: I’m definitely most passionate about the giving back component of it. When I run a program, for every program or retreat I have, I donate a portion back to someone. That’s the thing I’m most passionate about. I love to see how the programs help people but it’s the giving back to others—that’s the most important thing to me.

Promote This: Do you have any words of wisdom about how to align your passions to your life?

I think of the most important ways to align passion in your life is by having inner peace. Many people struggle with that and it’s usually because they might have fallen into the victim state and haven’t been able to get out of it. Finding your peace is something that I preach. Exercise is also another way of finding inner peace because you release endorphins and you learn things about yourself you weren’t aware of before in a physical sense. Inner peace is the biggest thing that people can use to get better in life I believe.

We’re surrounded by a lot of negativity out there and even if it’s just from your friends or people around, that can really distract your inner being and distract you from being in the here and now. You also have to eliminate worrying. There are some things in life, like cancer, that you can’t do anything about. So remember to live.