What exactly is passion? And how can we align it to our everyday work?

In this series, we meet the everyday people living life to its greatest potential by aligning passion to their work.

We meet the people who have been able to turn their passions into a career or a career into their passions. They have been able to find value in something they love and live giving value to others.

Eden and Josh have been able to do exactly that. What began as a small gathering with friends at their house soon turned into a community centre that helps provide opportunities for people to connect and grow through art and belonging. They focus on providing creative spaces for people to connect, have fun, learn and grow.

Promote This: Thank you for chatting with us today, guys. So what do you do at Littlefoot and Company?

Josh: It all started three years ago when we held trivia nights at our house. We really enjoyed bringing people together and connecting people that way and from that it gave us this desire to do more of that. We then ran a spoken word night at our house with twelve of our friends and then from there we really connected with that art form and everything that encapsulated it and since then, that’s where Little Foot and Company became something.

We really wanted to bring people together and connect one another with each other and provide a platform where people could perform or talk and then momentum started building from there. It started out as a small passionate project and then it grew into something that gave us a purpose and provided so many opportunities to meet many different people and do so many different things. We realised at that point that this had become a thing and there were so many people getting something out of it, especially from the mental health side of things.

Eden: It wasn’t until this year that we realised that making it what we wanted it to be would require putting all of our time into it and pretty much diving headfirst.

Josh: So in August this year, we left our jobs and thought, the time is now. Things just happened, we met different people and it’s been pretty crazy and I guess it’s just all about putting good vibes out there.

Promote This: When you’re really passionate about something, you do end up spreading that vibe and people want to be a part of that. It becomes more than just a hobby, it becomes an opportunity for people to come together and you’ve been able to do that.

Josh: Yes and to think that three years ago we would be doing this sort of thing is crazy. We always had our issues with self-doubt and anxiety and through doing the spoken word we realised how much it impacts confidence and we thought, this is what we love doing and whatever is required on the way we decided we would put our mind to it.

Promote This: How did you know it was the right decision to quit your fulltime jobs and work towards LFC?

Josh: The truth is we didn’t really know! What we knew is what we had achieved already, how we felt and how we made other people feel as well. There was one point where we had this boost of confidence and thought, OK we’re ready. Let’s take the challenge and the risk and we’re still learning and we’ve still got so far to go but we’re learning as we’re going along.

Eden: And more people were coming to our events and seeing the response that we were getting with more wanting us to do more kind of gave us the feeling that we wanted to do it. Having so many people around us saying they loved it made us realise we can, so let’s try it.

Josh: As soon as we left our jobs, we got a random email from the council saying they wanted to get involved and wanted us to support some of their artistic endeavours and people were reaching out to us.

Promote This: What about self-doubt? It really holds us back. What’s your advice on removing self-doubt and having faith in yourself that you have the ability to do something?

Josh: I think a big part of it is acknowledging that doubt exists. We’ve been battling self-doubt for life and you’ve got to just accept that you’ve got it and be willing to deal with it. Once you be bold and overcome barriers you start to gain confidence. A way for us to do this was to write poems and spoken word poetry and that was very therapeutic for us. Then once we started introducing that to other people and realised how therapeutic it was for them too, it kind of changed the game for us. People were getting something real out of it.

Eden: I think it’s also about surrounding yourself with people who have that open conversation and you realise everyone is going through very similar feelings and everyone has a bit of self-doubt so having that support system around you allows you to do more things. It’s a big part of what we want to create for people—that support system that will help people do what they want to do.

Promote This: How does Little Foot and Company do this?

Our main thing is providing creative spaces for people to connect, have fun, learn and grow. All our events are based on those four things. We want people to come and connect, form relationships and be able to express themselves. We try to make everyone welcome. We’ve got a big range of events we do so we try to cater to a lot of people. So we have our spoken word night, we have a board game/café coming up soon. Our Facebook page is the easiest way to find us.

Little Foot and Company is about belonging, being able to express yourself and having people listen. Especially with spoken word on a stage, the platform is yours. Once you get off that stage you have that applause and support and to feel like you’ve been heard and you’re not alone in something is amazing.

Josh: What we’re super conscious of is how honourable it is for someone to get up on stage and read out something so deep to them whether that be spoken word or poetry. Giving people a platform where others will listen with no judgement is amazing.

Eden: We try to help people engage with art. For me, I feel like art is a kind of meditation and we try to help people to have a platform for their art and engage in it.

Josh: In the past we ran an event through mental health week with Headspace. The people that got on stage were getting up for the first time. We’ve been able to see these people who have come to lots of our events who were nervous or anxious originally and then later we got to see them on stage just dominating it and feeling good and understanding that this has become a part of them and their therapy.

Eden: I feel like every time you do a spoken word you get people who love being in the audience and then later they’re getting on stage and are so nervous but then after we get to see how much they transform with complete happiness.

Promote This: What have we got coming up to look forward to at Little Foot and Company?

Josh: We’re opening up a café, having some board game nights, we have some spoken word events in collaboration with BeeKeeper Parade in the city and we’ll be running Lion King in the park, which has been something we’ve been organising for two years!

Eden: The whole event is to raise money for a community garden we hope to establish which will run workshops and art classes so not only is the Lion King event going to be fun, all the money raised will help set up the community garden.

Josh: We want to be environmentally friendly and focus on sustainable living. That’s a part of our DNA so we want to do more of that through our work.

Promote This: Thanks guys, you’ve really been able to inspire many people throughout your journey so here’s to inspiring many more!