A careful correlation between your business objectives and marketing activities will deliver you success.


— 1.1 The Background

The first step in our process is to gain a thorough understanding of the background of your business. We’ll take a good look at the reasons behind the why you began the business, how long you’ve been operating for, your longer term aim for the business.


— 1.2 Current Situation

Next we’ll take a snapshot of your current situation, paying close attention to how you’re tracking to your long term goals, what your service/product offerings, who you believe your competition is and what your profitable clients look like.


— 2.1 Crafting of Strategic Marketing Plan

Once we’ve gathered all the information we require, we’ll review our findings and establish a strategic marketing plan that aligns your marketing activities to your business goals, objectives and budget.


— 3.1 Deployment of Strategic Marketing Plan

At this point, we begin executing on your strategic marketing plan. Once activities have been setup, on-going performance measures will be in place and reported back to you at mapped out milestones.