The World's Tastiest Doughnuts

With unprecedented times, the survival of brands if key to be able to continue to employ our workforces and continue to serve consumers with what they want. All whilst being able to maintain a profit.

The client

Walker's Doughnuts

The brief

With eight locations all being forced into trading closure due to one due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Walker's Doughnuts had two key
objectives — to find a way to continue to trade, keeping their factory
moving and to provide their consumers with something we all find a
little comfort in — doughnuts.

What we did

Social Media Strategy
Email Marketing


We created an e-commerce platform to take customer orders for home delivery. By leveraging a social media strategy we were able to drive awareness about new home delivery service. We identified trends in sales based on suburbs and acceptance. Generating a healthy revenue for the business, we were able to have their consumers with sweet delights in their hands.